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Yay! Today is the day! While not everything is completely where I would like to be at, I am ready to make the big move to!

So make some tea and head over to see what’s happening!


5 Ways To Beat the Winter Blues

Have you ever been to the Arctic in the 5-wayswinter? By the beginning of December it is cold (we were having many -40 days in a row) and there is very little sunlight.

Today the sun will not rise. Around noon we will have a little bit of daylight-like dusk- but we will not see the sun. In fact, we won’t see it again until around January 7.   Continue reading


Digging Deep in the Word {FREE Christmas Devotional}

It’s been a while since I did12833295_10153984012633970_1480735439_n anything in our Digging Deeper series. If you read my December Goals you might see it’s because I really haven’t been digging very deep myself. It has been so refreshing these past few days getting back into study. Continue reading


December Goals

Good morning! I did something differentdecember-goals this morning. I bought hazelnut creamer for my coffee. We normally don’t splurge on the flavored creamers so this is a treat that I will enjoy slowly this morning.  Continue reading