10 Bible Verses for Healing and Comfort

I don’t know what kind of week you had last week. bible-verses-forI don’t know what kind of morning you have had today. I don’t know what you will go through in the coming days. What I do know is that everyone at some point needs comfort. Every one is healing from something. Whether a death in the family, illness, a traumatic incident, missing a friend, fighting against sin, etc. everyone can use some comfort. Continue reading


Little Passports: A Global Adventure

This post contains an affiliate link. I only give my honest opinion.

Have you heard of this company before? I had seen it advertised on the side of my Facebook page several times and had even visited their site to see what it was about. From the first time I saw it I was interested and kept going back to read more about it.  Continue reading

Math Facts Card Game

I stayed up late last night making flash cardsmath-facts…really late. I made all the subtraction and addition flash cards I will need for a while. I used colorful index cards (something I suggest all you moms do, even if your kids aren’t homeschooled!) This morning I knew William would be so excited to know that there were some new, more challenging math facts in the stack.  Continue reading

20 Minute Pick Up: for your sanity’s sake *plus free printables

Ok. 2nd week of the school year almost done. What20-minute-pick-up do things look like here? Messy. Although I am falling into routine much better this week than last week still the house has taken a hit. I know I need a system. I know I need a plan. Some changes need to be made so that homeschooling does not mean a messy, hectic house for the rest of our lives.  Continue reading