5 Ways To Beat the Winter Blues

Have you ever been to the Arctic in the 5-wayswinter? By the beginning of December it is cold (we were having many -40 days in a row) and there is very little sunlight.

Today the sun will not rise. Around noon we will have a little bit of daylight-like dusk- but we will not see the sun. In fact, we won’t see it again until around January 7.  

Do you know how hard it is to get moving when it is completely dark outside…all morning? Maybe you work well this way. But for me, I am very sluggish until that first peak of sunlight. Then I am on the move!

As much as I would love to turn on a movie and cuddle up on the couch until noon, I just can’t. I have to get myself motivated to work despite the wintery conditions. And you don’t have to be living in the Arctic to have a hard time getting motivated in the morning. I am sure you all have a different reason why it is hard to get motivated some days.

So here are a few things I do when I need to beat those winter blues and get moving!

Exercise. Even just a few minutes can get your heart rate up, blood flowing, and release some helpful hormones to get you motivated to work. So go for a walk, do a couple jumping jacks, dance with the kids for a little bit. Get your body moving. I have some of my favorite exercises listed here.



Make a list. I love lists. I won’t go on too much about lists here, but check out my post on how to make a great to do list for some help with your perfect to do list!

to do list


Drink some water. I know the temptation will be to drink some coffee or a Coke for enery but that’s not really going to help you feel motivated. Yes, you’ll get that initial burst of energy but pretty quickly you will feel the bloat and get sluggish and unmotivated. At least for me that’s what happens. So skip the caffeine and sugar- go for a big glass of water!



Wear some comfy clothes. So silly, right? But it’s true! If I am wearing an uncomfortable shirt or pants or whatever I would much rather sit still than move around. So, against what all other productivity rules say, I say wear some thing comfy even if it’s the jams. I always get dressed in the morning but if I am not super comfy I will change into my sweatpants and a Tshirt while I clean. Silly, but effective.



Play some music. I think 99% of my lists have some thing about music on them. Music is so powerful!! So if you need to get  motivated play some motivating music. My favorite right now is piano guys. So go on YouTube, search piano guys and hit play. That’s my motivation music.



What are some of your tips and tricks for getting motivated! I love new ideas. Share them with us!

*If you are interested in where I live, my husband has started doing a vlog series about Inuvik. Check it out here!

*Every week I link up to these great blogs!

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