(And Joshua Said) Fear Not

You’ve used a sponge right? To wipe counters,fear not clean walls, wash dishes. I think most of us understand the basic concept of a sponge. It’s dry and empty but when pushed down into warm, soapy water it comes up heavy and full. It’s dripping water everywhere it’s taken because it is so full.  Continue reading


Fear Not (neither be dismayed)

Have you ever felt dismayed? It means to feel fear notstress or anxiety over something that is shocking. When something you least expect to happen happens you might feel dismayed. Maybe when things are going really well and then something goes wrong you would probably feel dismayed.  Continue reading

Fear Not (for God hath heard)

Over the past several months my devotionsfear not have taken many twists and turns. I like to change it up quite often in attempt to keep it exciting. One particular study I especially enjoyed a couple months ago. I studied the phrase “Fear Not.” I looked up all the times that phrase was used and went through and read each time. I am not even half way through the list and have already been so blessed by it. So in the next few weeks you will find a series here called “Fear Not”. Continue reading