December Goals

Good morning! I did something differentdecember-goals this morning. I bought hazelnut creamer for my coffee. We normally don’t splurge on the flavored creamers so this is a treat that I will enjoy slowly this morning. 

What else has me feeling the winds of change this morning? A lot! And while I am feeling this wave of inspiration I thought I would finally start up this new blog “series” I have seen floating around the blogging community for some time.

You know I love a good list.

I love feeling inspired and motivated.

So (to the best of my ability) at the beginning of each month I will be posting some goals for that month and I invite you to join me! If you are a blogger post a link to your goals in the comments. If you aren’t a blogger share your monthly goals in the comments! I’d love to see what you all are up to.

And maybe we can inspire each other, too.

December Goals


  • More in depth Bible study. In all the business of life I am ashamed to say that Bible study has taken the back burner. I have been doing (and loving) Karen Ehman’s “Pressing Pause” devotional each morning but I really miss in depth studies. The Lord has put several on my heart and my goal this month is to dig deep into one.psalm5


  • Do a load of laundry a day. This has been a huge problem area for me. I really need to get a handle on laundry. And to go with this I will add that this month I want to go through all the kids’ clothes and get rid of anything they don’t need.


  • Meal plan. Meal plan. Meal plan. This is another area that has slowly slipped under the radar. And with my lack of meal planning we have been taking way too many trips to the grocery store. creating-2
  • Get the new blog ready for “launch”. That’s right- new blog! I LOVE this blog and how much it has grown this past year. With this growth comes a little change and a
    lot of hard work! I have been working on the new site for a little over a month now and thanks to my lack of computer skills I am no where near ready yet! So this month I will be busy getting everything ready and hopefully “launch” January 1st!


  • Finish up some Christmas crafts/gifts. I have a stocking I NEED to finish thisweekend and some wood burning projects that have to be done before Christmas. I also have some sewing projects that it’d be nice to at least start this month. 15181511_1200704240018565_7147972527589432570_n


  • Follow through with Diary of a Fit Mom’s 25 Days of Fitmas. I did this last December and I loved it! It’s a free 25 day workout plan to countdown the days to Christmas. It’s not too late to join if you’re interested.
  • No more chips. I hate writing that. I love chips. But this is a goal I have set for this month and I will do my best to follow through with it!


Okay- there are my goals. What are some goals of your own? Please share with us!

Every week I link up to these link up parties!


8 thoughts on “December Goals

  1. Oh, I’ve seen others do this goal series too! These are great goals, I may consider doing this in the new year. I am in the process of brainstorming a new blog too! Hoping to have it up in january also, but want to get internet at the house first.

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  2. Love simple goal inspirations like this– short lists but very productive. I’ve been very wishy washy with goals lately so I’ll give this a try! Visiting from next door at #raralinkup today! Hope you enjoy this holiday season and feel good getting things checked off your list!

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