DIY: from burp cloth to centerpiece

I got the Christmas bug way earlier
this year than last year. Mid November I was ready to put up the tree and all of the other fun Christmas decorations. And guess what- I did! I usually fight the urge until at least the first week of December but I gave up the fight and never looked back!picmonkey-image

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The Truth About the Pleasure of Sin

I like to eat. Like, reallythe-pleasure-of-sin like to eat. My favorite food lately is chicken wings. When I am making them I literally feel excitement. While they are baking I have a big smile on my face. They say the way to a man’s heart is food. Well, the way to my heart is probably chicken wings. Continue reading

Do You Want Me To Walk With You?

I watched something take place while yI sat in the parking lot at the grocery store today. I watched a mother walk out of the store, her arms loaded with grocery bags. Behind her walked a toddler, all bundled up for the Arctic winter.  Continue reading


Our Favorite Thanksgiving Traditions

Living in Canada is a lot of fun. This is atop-10 beautiful country with endless adventure. But still, I am American and some times really miss American things.  Continue reading


Christmas Countdown 2016

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Last year I decided I wanted the Christmaschristmas season to slow down and really try to enjoy all the special things about that time of year. The months and weeks leading up to Christmas I’d be pinning like crazy but never sit down and plan to do the things I’d pinned.  Continue reading