Take a Look Around!

If you remember last week I talked look aroundabout the things I am doing to prepare for the homeschool year. Well, our school books came in (YAY!) and now I am spending every spare minute putting together the lesson plans…which is fun but way more time consuming than I expected!

I will be excited to share with you all some blogs I found helpful, books I am using, tricks for toddlers during homeschooling…all that fun stuff. But for now, I wanted to point out a couple things on the blog here that may have gone unnoticed. Continue reading


Fear Not (neither be dismayed)

Have you ever felt dismayed? It means to feel fear notstress or anxiety over something that is shocking. When something you least expect to happen happens you might feel dismayed. Maybe when things are going really well and then something goes wrong you would probably feel dismayed.  Continue reading

5 Things I Am Doing to Prepare for the Homeschool Year

It’s August. Already. In just a couple weeks

homeschoolwe will be heading into our second year of homeschooling! Last year went really really well which makes me very excited for the coming year. We are still waiting on some boxes to arrive with some books, though, which means I can’t plan out the year yet. What is this excited mom going to do to prepare for the year while I wait on our school books?  Continue reading

DIY Bubble Wands

I am home. I had such a wonderful time visitingbubble wands with my family. I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to go down and be with them. And I am so thankful to the friends and family that were able to be around so often. I couldn’t have asked for a better trip. The Lord saw it through from beginning to end. Continue reading