Math Facts Card Game

I stayed up late last night making flash cardsmath-facts…really late. I made all the subtraction and addition flash cards I will need for a while. I used colorful index cards (something I suggest all you moms do, even if your kids aren’t homeschooled!) This morning I knew William would be so excited to know that there were some new, more challenging math facts in the stack.  Continue reading


ABC Memory Verses

I remember my Kindergarten year so well. I rabc-memory-verse-page-014emember so many details about the classroom and the little desk with scented markers for when we were really well behaved. I remember how the halls smelled like vanilla pudding all the time (I wonder if they still do? and how my teacher was not much taller than me at the time. I remember making a big giraffe with my class and I got to color in the spots. I remember making a hand print hanging and painting it gold. My mom still has that in her kitchen. Another thing I remember so specifically is memorizing the Bible verses in alphabetical order. Continue reading