8 thoughts on “Eskimo Donuts Recipe

  1. It would be nice if you change Eskimo to “Inuit”
    It may not be offensive to others but it is offensive to some other people too

    I’m not trying to make a conflict out of it, just saying


    • I take it you have never been to the North. While I appreciate your concern, I can assure you that ALL the Inuit people here where I live call these Eskimo Donuts. My husband (who is Inuit), his family, our friends, our elders all call these Eskimo Donuts. There is no reason for me to change the name of this traditional treat they have been making and calling Eskimo donuts for decades.


  2. Personally I have no problem with that name Eskimo Donuts – my mom taught me how to punch dough and make loaves and buns. Donuts were always a treat, especially when coated with icing sugar and/or raisins added. I have also used another coating of granulated sugar/cinnamon/nutmeg….a favourite of my customers-also worth noting that I have ‘regular’ customers who love my donuts. As an Inuk/Inuvialuk woman, I am proud and loud of my Eskimo Donuts!! Great tutorial btw! Keep it up!

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  3. Thanks for sharing, never had to make bread,up until a few years ago. Now I cam make Eskimo donuts whenever the craving hits or to make some for fam…one happy Eskimo ,thx again

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