DIY: from burp cloth to centerpiece

I got the Christmas bug way earlier
this year than last year. Mid November I was ready to put up the tree and all of the other fun Christmas decorations. And guess what- I did! I usually fight the urge until at least the first week of December but I gave up the fight and never looked back!picmonkey-image

I put away all my fall decorations and pulled out the Christmas ones. The kids had as much fun with this as me, of course.

When all was done I noticed one thing missing: a mat to go under my candle on the kitchen island.

During the fall I use what was actually meant to be a table place mat to go under my candle. When I put that away my candle looked- lonely.

Poor thing sat there for over a week before I settled it’s problem of loneliness.

I went through my big bin of scrap material and came across some Christmas material (what I used for my tree skirt) and an old burp cloth. Honestly I am not sure how the burp cloth ended up in there but it was to my advantage this time!

So, start with the burp cloth (or any thicker material you might have laying around.)

Lay it on top of the other material you will be using (you will need two pieces of the outer material-one for top and one for bottom.) Cut it into a rectangle, square, oval, etc…whatever shape you want your centerpiece to be.

Now, please don’t yell at me. Okay, you can if you want to. I don’t measure *ducks head*. I just cut. I eye ball it. Sometimes this proves to be a bad choice but this particular time it worked out.


Sandwich the burp cloth now. Put it between the two pieces that you want to be seen. Trim the edges, make it even. Pin it together if you would like (again, this is a step I skipped).


From here I did an extremely basic quilting type thing. All I did was sew diagonally across the material. This holds all the layers in place. To finish it off I sewed some bias binding around the edges.

Again- I cheated here. Seriously, though, with a toddler running around sometimes you need to cut corners! I was doing this in a bit of a rush.

Anyway, I sewed the bias edging around the mat. And wallah! (Is that how you spell that?) A finished mat for my candle. It doesn’t have to feel (or look) lonely anymore.


What are some of your Christmas DIYs? Share with us! Share some links to your Christmas crafts and projects. Have you already decorated for Christmas? What’s your favorite decoration? Share with us! And be sure to check out the Christmas Countdown for some inspiration for counting down the days to Christmas!

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4 thoughts on “DIY: from burp cloth to centerpiece

  1. My best friend and I were making sequin covered Christmas trees at the beginning of November so I get it! Haven’t pulled out the big decorations yet though! And I’m all for using scraps… and am guilty of not measuring as I sew either… 😉


  2. so creative, would love to be able to do DYI projects soon. I just have to learn how to sew. I did some DYI projects for my wedding.

    visiting you from reddit…adding you on my list for some stories and tips when I become a mom. =)

    Liked by 1 person

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