Do You Want Me To Walk With You?

I watched something take place while yI sat in the parking lot at the grocery store today. I watched a mother walk out of the store, her arms loaded with grocery bags. Behind her walked a toddler, all bundled up for the Arctic winter. 

As the mother began down the stairs she looked over her shoulder and gave her little girl a nod of approval to walk down the ramp. Right as she reached the bottom of the stairs (arms full of grocery bags, remember) her daughter took two steps and fell face down on the ramp.

Now, I have been in situations like this before. Arms full and -splat- down goes a kid. Tears flow easily in children and their cries seem twice as loud in public.

But the mother’s reaction to this somewhat stressful situation really got me thinking.

She took one look at her child and went right back up the stairs with all those groceries and knelt down by her.

“Do you want me to walk down with you?”

Still with tears the little girls cries, “Yes.”

How many times have we fallen- failed- and Christ comes (arms full of our burdens) and kneels down by us.

Where we are does not make Him hesitate to come to us. You are not too far fallen for Christ to come to your aid.

What we have already laid in His arms does not make Him hesitate to take another burden and carry it for us.

He offers to walk with us. To comfort us. To make us brave.

And with Him walking beside us we can stand back up and face obstacles we have failed before.

And now Christ asks you, “Do you want me to walk with you?”

What is your answer to Him?

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What Joy Is Mine


2 thoughts on “Do You Want Me To Walk With You?

  1. What a vivid picture of God’s mercy you have painted. Thank you so much. I’m sure I will repeat this metaphor on numerous occasions. His arms a full with my burdens but he does come back to walk with me. I’m so thankful!

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