2017 Printables Collection {Calendars}

It’s that time of year again! Who is making17 plans for their 2017 planner?

I put a lot of time into my planner for 2016 and a lot of it I plan on reusing. What did I use the most?

My monthly calendar I used the most. I babysit a lot so I used this calendar to mark down my schedule.

I’ll admit I am not set on what calendar I will use for the coming year. I really love the one I am using but I like variety so I know I will change it up. Get a new look. Here are my top 5 choices for a 2017 calendar for my planner!

  1. Who doesn’t love donuts? You have to check out these donut calendars from The Little Surprises!                                                                   img_8849
  2. This Water Color Calendar  from Kellie Jayne is so cute! I LOVE the look of it. kellie-jayne

2. The Water color calendar from The Quiet Grove is beautiful. She actually has another style on that same post, I just prefer the water color one myself. Check it out and see which one you like better! Also, notice the ‘to do’ list and notes section at the bottom of the calendar!


3. Simple As That Blog has a really cute set of calendars that fit pretty much what my vision is for my planner: simple. Really great color so it’s not boring but it’s not flashy or overwhelming either.


5. Look at this beautiful Doily calendar! Again, simple but so much character to it.


6. Adult coloring books are really in right now. When I was travelling every single store in the airport had a handful of them for sale. And of course, every book store, walmart, grocery store, etc. They are everywhere. I can’t really get into them…just not my thing. But I can totally see where it’d be something people enjoy. So, if you are one of those who do enjoy the adult coloring books go check out the Coloring page calendar. I am not sure if it is meant to look like an adult coloring book but it looks like it to me. I think if I were to use this calendar I would color all the pages myself before putting them in my notebook.

Go ahead and check out my list of printable calendars from 2016.  A lot of them remake them from year to year so you could probably get them in 2017 if you like them.

Do you have a great printable to share? Yours or from a blog you love? Share it with us!
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5 thoughts on “2017 Printables Collection {Calendars}

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  2. Thank so much for the shoutout! Can’t wait to check out all the other calendars and get more ideas for future designs! I love these types of posts, so helpful 🙂

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