5 Ways to Avoid the Morning Lull

When I got out of bed this morning I foundmorning lull my 5 year old already up and watching cartoons. My girls were chatting in their room quietly. Sure, I’d rather be up before all the kids and have the day under control before being attacked by hungry little people but that is hardly my reality.

What is my reality? Three children that need me right away. And I wouldn’t have it any other way. But what I need to realize is that this means hectic mornings. When mornings start in a rush it can be so hard to make that morning count. If I am not careful I can dip right into a little morning lull. I get sluggish and lack motivation. I have started to notice certain things that can really help that morning lull.

I am not saying that if I do all these things I will have a perfect morning. What I am saying is that if I do all these things I have a better morning. Here are my five ways to avoid the morning lull:

  1. Get dressed right away. Get ready for your day. I know, some days you don’t feel like it. Some days I don’t feel like it either. Currently my 5 year old doesn’t feel like it. But I have established something in my home- we get dressed right away. It will help you be prepared for whatever the day has to come.
  2. Devotions of some sort. Like I said in the beginning of this post, when I wake up usually my kids are all already awake. This means I don’t usually get that pretty instagram worthy picture of my Bible open on my lap and a cup of coffee in my hand. What I get is that five minutes while they eat their breakfast. A quick psalm or proverb, sometimes just one verse for my morning. Then I can make time later while the girls nap to have a longer devotion time. But just starting with something from God’s Word will make a difference. If you are looking for some ideas for devotions check out the Digging Deep series.
  3. Music instead of tv. What I like to do is turn on spotify on my iPad and bring it around the house with me while I clean. You can use spotify on most devices and also just on the computer. I have all sorts of playlists for whatever mood I am in. Piano Guys tends to be my go to playlist for when I am cleaning in the morning. Steve Pettit is on my list quite often, too.
  4. Make a list/have a plan. If you have been following my blog for any amount of time now you know how I love a good list. If you want some list making inspiration check out this post. And for a ton of cute printable lists check out this post. I like to start my morning with a (reasonable) list of things that need done. It can include dr appointments, working out, chores, showering, etc. Anything I want to do that day gets on the list. Crossing things off my list keeps me motivated.
  5. Open curtains/turn lights on. I will get nothing done if my curtains are closed. That is the first thing I do when I walk into my kitchen and living room. And when Shane closes them when he gets home from work I instantly lose motivation and don’t feel like cleaning anymore. Get some sunlight in or turn the lights on and get some motivation!

What are some things that help you through your morning lull? That big cup of coffee? Maybe a good workout? Share with me!


4 thoughts on “5 Ways to Avoid the Morning Lull

  1. What a blessing and great tips. Enjoy your mornings. They are over so fast. I love mornings now when my grandsons arrive early since I retired.

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  2. Totally speaking my language. Mornings are sooo hard for me now. I remember in college that mornings were easy. I’d wake up earlier than I needed to and get everything I needed done. After I got married, mornings got really hard. My boys are usually awake before me, but they have to stay in their rooms and look at books or draw on their Magna-Doodles until I tell them it’s okay to go downstairs. A typical morning begins with them coming into my room and asking to go to the bathroom and then I send them back to their rooms. I try to begin the day at 7am. They wake up at 6am sometimes but they still have to spend time in their room and wait for me. Then I get dressed and do my hair and such. I used to just start the day no matter how I looked, but I have found that I am such a better mom after I have spent some time on myself in the morning. It’s not selfish to take care of yourself. Just saying.

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    • My kids wake up before me most the time, too. It’d be so nice to have just fifteen minutes but that usually doesn’t happen. I agree, the mornings where I get dressed and just try to make myself look presentable are the better mornings. Thanks for the comment!


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