Digging Deep in the Word {Verse Lists}

What is the point in having devotions? 



When you sit down with your Bible in the morning what are your goals? What are you hoping to accomplish with that time?


One thing that should come from personal devotions is to learn more about God. What better way to learn about God than to learn what He thinks about things. What does God think about sin? We all know He hates it but do you have a verse you can show me about that? What does God think about faithfulness? What does God think about my thoughts? What does God think about serving others? What does God think about marriage? What does God think about prayer? What does God think about being patient?

In my prayer journal I have pages specifically for this purpose: to find out what God thinks about certain topics. I have a page where I write down a bunch of verses about thoughts. I have a page for service, I have a page for verses about prayer, etc. I just google “verses about thoughts” and go through the lists that come up. I read each verse and decide if it fits the topic well and then if it does I write it out on that page. Writing out that verse helps me remember it and understand it a little better, too. And it’s so encouraging to read verse after verse about the same topic. It really shows how much God cares for me. He wants me to know how I should live.

So what are some topics you could have at the top of your pages?

  • Purity
  • Love
  • Peace
  • Faith
  • Joy
  • Meekness
  • Prayer
  • Sin
  • Marriage
  • Thoughts

We could go on and on. Choose a topic and take one morning to write out verses that fit in that topic for devotions. Let me know how you like it. Let me know how the Lord uses it in your life! Have you used this form of Bible study before? What are some other topics I haven’t listed here?

Have you been following along with our Digging Deep in the Word series? You can find the whole series here. Young Housewife and Grace Happening have been following along in the series, too, giving us their thoughts on digging deeper in the Word.

5 thoughts on “Digging Deep in the Word {Verse Lists}

  1. This is an excellent idea! I often start a new method gung-ho, then stop doing it, so I’ve just started reading through the Bible (also with the purpose of getting to know God and His character). But this may be a good one for me to try, love it! Thanks for the inspiration!

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