Meal Plan Monday >>Week Two<<

Hello y’all,

I’m Lizzie Claytor and I live in Harrisburg, PA.mealplanmonday I am the wife of my college sweetheart, Isaiah, and the mother of our 3 boys, Nehemiah, Valiant, & Levi, and a our new puppy, Guardian. I am very outnumbered, but so very blessed. We are still praying that God will bless us with a couple girls someday, but right now we are praying for a small break as we adjust to being a family of 6 and to the adventures of owning a puppy.

I was very honored to receive this invitation to write about 5 suppers. I’ve known Sandy since college and she has been a lifesaver of mine ever since. From the first time that she showed me around when I was a freshman at college until now, she has been giving me tips and listening to my vents and has always been a great friend to me. I am so blessed to know her. This girl is wonderful and I love her so much; I am very proud to promote her blog and I always enjoy reading her posts; they are all so fun, helpful and encouraging.

I do have my own blog, though i have not written in it for some time. Some think my blog is a bit too personal, but my blog is my story and I hope to turn it into a book someday. If you are interested in reading about my story, please feel free to check it out here: All For His Sake

Okay, now to what this post is really about: FOOD! I love food, probably a bit too much; but hey, if you have to eat, why not eat well and enjoy it. 😉



Supper # 1:
My very Favorite Supper is…

Chicken Pot Pie

Currently, I am the only Glutenite in my home right now, but I love my Gluten too much to give it up, so when I make this meal, I make both a Gluten and a Gluten Free one. All of my men enjoy this and devour it in minutes and then ask for more before I have even made my own plate. Lol.

Here is the link to the Gluten free one: Gluten Free Version


Supper # 2:
I just love having breakfast for Supper!

Here is the link to the best French Toast I have ever had!

This is not Gluten Free, and we are too cheap to buy the bread so I normally make G.F. Pancakes from the box; we’ve tried many kinds, but G.F. Bisquick has been the most popular.

Adding some breakfast sausage or bacon is a sure way to get me some very happy men because they all love their meat.


Supper # 3:

Another favorite of mine which is really easy is this 5 Ingredient Chicken Parmesan .

Pour this over your favorite pasta, G.F. or non, and serve some green peas alongside it and you’ll have a prize-winning supper without all of the fuss of preparing but one that your family is sure to ask for again.


Supper # 4:

I had never made Ribs before, and when my husband found these at Aldi for the perfect price and brought them home, I was a bit intimidated; but then I found this recipe. It was so easy and turned out amazing. I didn’t use everything that it asked for, just put in what I wanted to. This particular time we had BBQ Ribs, Corn and Mashed Potatoes.


Supper # 5

And for this last one, here’s a really easy one. I’d do this one on a Friday because it’s quick and easy and gives me more time to spend with my family.

Hot Dogs in a Bun with Baked Beans. It’s a family favorite for us. 🙂


Well, thanks for letting me write a post, Sandy; and thanks for taking the time to read this y’all. May it help you in your many Supper Cooking Adventures as you serve those you love.

Click here for Week One of Meal Plan Monday and keep coming back each Monday of this month for more supper ideas!

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