Why Did Jericho’s Walls Fall?

Yesterday after I had my toddler’s class marching around our “wall” in the center of the classroom, yelling when they reached the seventh time with the trumpet blowing loudly I asked them a question: Why did Jericho’s walls fall?

Jericho had completely shut up their city for fear of Israel. There was no way for Joshua to get his men into that city. But then an angel appeared to Joshua with specific instructions. They were to march around the city with the Ark of the Covenant one time each day for 6 days. But on the seventh day they were to do that 7 times and at the end shout as the priest blew the trumpets.

And after my class had reenacted that scene and our make-shift wall fell I asked them why did that wall fall. Was it the marching? Was it the yelling? Was it the trumpets blowing? What made Jericho fall?

God. God made Jericho fall. Why? Because the children of Israel were obedient to His command. Do you think some of those people felt silly waking up each morning to march around the city one more time. Don’t you think it required faith to stand outside your enemies walls and just shout at the top of your lungs because God said so? Their fear didn’t hinder their faith. They obeyed God.

What walls stand in your way today? Has God given you instructions on how to defeat them? What is keeping you from marching around your wall? I am not saying that your wall is there because of disobedience, so please don’t misunderstjerichoand me. But I do know that if God can make Jericho crumble at the shout of soldiers then God can remove your wall. God is strong enough. What does God require of us?

Faith. Obedience.

Be listening for God’s instructions on how to defeat your wall.

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