5 Ways to Stay Sane when your morning ISN’T

I woke up to children calling my name. Actually, crying my name. Usually when mornings start like that I know the rest of the morning won’t be much different. Well, I got the kids fed and before I could even begin to make my own breakfast they had begun the “Mom can I’s” of the day. They also like to use “Mom can you…” And it’s exhausting. Before I knew it I was reading books (which I love to do with the kids) and getting drinks and pulling stuck things off of things they shouldn’t be stuck to and my morning had gotten out of control. I hadn’t even had a chance to think for myself yet let alone make my breakfast or have my devotions.

Maybe you don’t have kids but I am sure you can relate to a hectic morning like that. The phone’s ringing, the dog’s barking, you’ve got to be out of the door by a certain time, etc…Everyone knows what it is like to have a hectic morning that gets you frazzled! So how do we deal that? We can’t really prevent them, they just happen. How we handle them is what is important. Here’s how I stay sane when my morning is not!stay sane

  1. Take a breath. A big, big breath. This allows your heart rate to slow down a little bit and just calm yourself. If I don’t take this big breath I will start yelling. And when the kids see me taking my big breath they know they better straighten up!
  2. Prioritize. What is the most important thing right now? Is it to the dishes or make that phone call? Eat breakfast or mop the floor? Play with the kids or folding the laundry? Decide what matters the most in that moment and drop everything else (for a bit…plan on coming back to it when the most important things are done.)
  3. Play calm music. One of my very first posts was about the Power of Music. It can either calm you or get you worked up. So choose your playlist wisely.
  4. Say no. Don’t be afraid to say no to things that you just cannot do. Filling your load will only make it heavier. If your morning is already full don’t attempt to fill it with anything else. If you need to have a few minutes to read your Bible or eat your breakfast tell your child you can’t read that book right now or fill that sippy cup right now. It will not hurt them to wait. In fact, it might do them some good.
  5. Pray. I saved this for last not because it is the last resort but because I hope it is the obvious reaction to a hectic morning. “When my heart is overwhelmed, it’s to God I cry!” Psalm 3:4 says, “And I cried unto the Lord with my voice and He heard me.” Go to God when you’re having a rough morning and ask Him to help you through it.

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