What I Learned This Week

From starting out as the most horrible morning in years, to an amazing mom and tots group, to a really bad cold I feel like I learned a couple things last week. Simple, yet worth sharing. So, here are a couple things I learned.

  1. I do need to start each morning in the Word. I always “try” to do this but it always ends up that the kids wake up or whatever other excuse and pretty soon it’s 8 pm and I haven’t had devotions yet. But after the most horrible morning ever last Monday I decided something needed to change. I woke up earlier and tiptoed to a quiet place, closed the door, then read my Bible. I didn’t go to the bathroom first. I didn’t make coffee first (which could be extremely useful for a good instagram pic). I just made a huge effort to have my devotions first thing in the morning and the Lord really blessed that.
  2. I need to use what God has given me. A couple weeks ago my mother and father in law bought me a beautiful new guitar. Mine had died months ago and this was such a special gift to receive. Immediately a friend suggested we do a mom and tots music group. So, we set a date and invited some other moms and their kids. I was unsure of how it would go since I really don’t know a lot of kids songs…I only know Sunday School songs. But I prepared for it, got some guitar chords, and bathed it in prayer. It was a great morning with a house full of kids. All the moms enjoyed it. I learned that not only should I be using my guitar for the Lord but I should be using my home for the Lord more often. I can do this by opening it up to guests more often.
  3. Chocolate covered bacon is amazing. I am shocked by how many people aren’t completely sold on this idea. It sounds amazing to me and it tasted as good as I expected it to. You have to watch Shane’s video on it.
  4. Cake in a mug isn’t so bad. Jenn stayed home from church with me Sunday night. I was still pretty sick from a cold but feeling like I wanted a little something sweet. We found this recipe for a cake in a mug and I have to admit that as weird as the idea sounds to me, it hit the spot! Just enough to satisfy the craving without having to make a whole cake (which I would probably eat all of in less than 3 days).
  5. I have the best friends and husband in the world. When my friends heard I was sick Saturday morning they came and got my kids and kept them all afternoon. I got to rest! Then Shane came home from work and cleaned my entire kitchen and completely took over with the kids. I really feel so blessed to have such people in my life! God is good!

Anyway, that is basically what I learned last week. I feel like there were more profound things to discuss but I am still on Tylenol brain so it’s just not coming. What are some simple things you learned last week? Share with me!What I learned this week


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