6 Ways to Stay Excited About Your Quiet Time

What do you get excited about? What do you look forward to most out of the whole day. Coffee? Okay, you have your coffee. Let’s move beyond that. What are you most looking forward to? Many of us might say our quiet time with the Lord. Then many (myself included) might admit that that isn’t always the case. Yes, there have been seasons of my life where my alarm clock would go off far too early in the morning and I would literally jump out of bed (I have a high bed) to get to my devotions before the kids woke up. But there have also been many seasons of life where I sit and stare at my Bible and my notebook and all I can think about is finishing some project or running an errand. So, how do I stay excited about my devotions?

  1. Find a devotional or study that you like…no, love. I am not going to go too much into that topic because Grace Happening, Young Housewife and myself have some exciting things planned in that department. You will just have to stay tuned to see what we are talking about. But I do want to say that it is mandatory to find a study you love if you want to stay excited about it.
  2. Use a notebook. Make it look pretty. Make it something you would want to come back to and use as a resource one day. Have you guys seen the gorgeous notebooks that Kristin Schmucker has?file5661288045116
  3. Find a quiet spot. My spot is at the dining room table. I have tried the couch and the bed attempting that nice cozy feel but no. It just didn’t work for me. Maybe it works for you? Try it. Find your spot and then *cough* keep it clean *cough*. Moving on…
  4. Pay attention in church. Take notes even. As sleep begets sleep, I believe learning begets learning. Getting excited about learning something new in God’s Word will only cause you to want to know more.
  5. Tell others what you are learning. If you learn something new and it gets you excited tell someone! Shane is usually the one I am texting during my devotions but my sisters often get a bit of this, too.
  6. Follow the right social media. I feel a little strange adding your social media list to ways to stay excited about devotions but I really find this to be true. I recently went through my facebook list and unfollowed A LOT of people and brands. Same with my Instagram account. Then I went through and purposely found the people out there posting about their walk with the Lord. The Better Mom, The Unveiled Wife, Women Living Well, Karen Ehman, etc. They all post encouraging things and often post about what they did for devotions that day. That gets me excited about getting to my own devotions. BE CAREFUL THOUGH. Just because you are following a Christian account does not mean it is edifying or encouraging. Wow, I spent way too much time on this point.

What things do you do to stay excited about your devotions? What does your notebook look like? Where is your spot? Who are your favorite people to follow on Facebook and Instagram?

quiet time


7 thoughts on “6 Ways to Stay Excited About Your Quiet Time

  1. I have fallen away from my daily quiet time with the Lord. I am looking to recapture that love and time with my Savior. This is perfect! Thanks so much from our readers at Literacy Musing Mondays.


  2. This is great thanks! I am still working on it. I’m about to start one of the online Precept studies (there is not a live study in my area that I can attend). I also have a journal Bible and supplies for that which makes me excited! The sharing part is hard though as I am not in a season or location where I can go to a study with other women but I have thought about making a point to share something from my studies on my blog-maybe weekly, I’m not sure yet. Of course I could share it with my husband too. Thanks for all the tips!


    • I am glad you are taking steps to get excited about your devotions! Blogging is a great way to share what you are learning about in your devotions. Half my posts are straight from my devotions notebook!


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