5 Things To Do Tonight To Have A Better Morning Tomorrow

What makes a good morning? Getting up early? Sleeping in? Maybe you enjoy a quiet cup of coffee with your devotions or you are the type to get a morning workout in before the sun rises. Any of these situations sound ideal to me, but they just aren’t realistic now a days.

No matter how hard I try to have my devotions before the kids wake up it never works. The kids hear the ‘sqeaaaakkkk’ of my door and almost as soon as I step out of my room I hear, “Mom!” So now I am bombarded with needs and wants before I have even had a chance to wake up myself! This can make for a seriously rough morning. I have discovered a few things, however, that make my morning go a little better.

Whether you are a mom, wife, daughter, etc. you probably wake up and instantly have something you have to do. Having a plan in place can make your morning go smoother. Here’s what I do before bed to have a better morning the next day!

  1. Go to bed with a clean sink. And to have a clean sink one must wash all the dishes. This was a hard one for me to get in the habit of doing. It took a couple weeks to get the habit deeply ingrained into me. It was tiring. I wanted to just sit and watch tv or crochet instead of doing dishes. But I was also tired of having to do a whole load of dishes before anyone could eat breakfast in the morning. I had to make a choice: tiring evening or frustrating morning. I chose tiring evening but it only lasted a couple weeks. Now it is habit and no longer tiring to keep up with the dishes. I don’t spend more than 20 minutes in the kitchen every night after the kids clean livingroomgo to bed.
  2. Do a 5 minute pick up. This serves the same purpose as cleaning up the kitchen. When I wake up, already frazzled that three little voices are calling my name before I have even used the washroom, the last thing I want to see is toys scattered all over the living room floor. That gets me worked up…just ask my kids. Before the kids go to bed at night we all spend 5 minutes just picking up the toys and putting them in their place. Even if you don’t have kids I am sure there are dishes laying around, socks on the floor, books out of place, etc. By taking 5 minutes in the evening you are freeing up your morning for more important things.
  3. Prepare for the next day. Pack your husband’s lunch, pack your kids’ lunches and backpacks if they are in school, make sure everyone has clean clothes for the morning, iron what might need ironed, decide what will be for dinner the next day, make your grocery list. The possibilities are endless. Look at your schedule, see what the next day holds and prepare for it! Doing it at a normal pace in the evening is so much more effective than doing it at high speed in the morning when you are running late.
  4. Make a plan. Before I go to bed at night I like to make a list of the most important things to get done the next day. Some days I have just one thing on my list and other days I will have 5 or 6 things. Having a plan in place makes it easier to hit the ground running when you wake up. I talked about making a great To Do List herefile000515032268.
  5. Go to bed early. I hate the truth in this. I wish I could stay up late sewing and just wake up bright and early ready for the day. But you need a good night’s rest. You just do. Going to bed too late and expecting an awesome start to your morning is crazy. Find that perfect hour for you (everyone’s different!) and stick with it.


You all know by now (I hope) that I love lists. I have a cute little list just for organizing the morning chores and the evening chores. You can find it here. What are some things that help you get a good start on your morning?

better morning


5 thoughts on “5 Things To Do Tonight To Have A Better Morning Tomorrow

  1. I need the dishwasher loaded. I don’t need any of the hand wash dishes for breakfast so those wait until middle of the day the next day but the dishwasher needs to be loaded and ran if it is full. And the rest of the kitchen cleaned up. Counters wiped down, any hand wash things stacked neatly, etc.

    I agree with having a plan for the next day. I usually create my to do list for the next day before making dinner. It really helps me know what is going on the next day so I have a plan when I wake up instead of floundering for a couple hours then feeling pressed for time and stressed out. #Titus2Tuesday


  2. Hey Sandy! Thanks for this fantabulous post on getting our day started off right. I agree with much of what you said. Like you, I’ve noticed that I need to go to bed early – or at least not super late – if I want to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed in the morning. And like you suggested, it helps to have my house tidy and the sink clean the night before.

    Thanks again for your suggestions.



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