Yeah, I Struggle With That, Too

Earlier this week I sent my friend, Emily, a snapchat of my daughter. It was a short video of Pepper (16 months old) attempting to get her babies in the toy stroller. After a big struggle she got them in but then as soon as she took a step to push the stroller she fell over pulling the stroller over with her. Of course, all the babies fell out. All that work and in a second it’s a mess again.

Anyway, I sent that video to Emily just because it was cute but Emily’s response so encouraged me. She said something to the effect of how that’s a true mom moment. And you know what? That was really the kind of day I was having. Just when one thing got picked up something else was falling apart. When Emily said that to me it made me realize that I am not alone in my bad days! Now, don’t get me wrong, I don’t delight in the knowledge that Emily has a bad day. But it does make me feel a little better to hear it from her that I am not alone in these day to day struggles.

Since then (seriously, all this week) a handful of friends have said something to me or mentioned something about themselves and I literally said, “That happens to you, too?” I think we get so caught up in the social media world that we really can believe that every other woman’s life is as put together as they let us believe. We begin to feel like there’s something wrong with us because we can’t have that perfectly put together living room or we don’t bake these incredible looking dishes that are less than 100 calories!

What if instead of promoting all these things we begin talking about the truth? How we struggle with submitting to our husbands, how we have to force ourselves to fold the laundry, how we don’t get dressed into real clothes until after lunch, how we sometimes will watch netflix all day, how we ate that chocolate bar but it was so good!

I am not saying to glorify our weaknesses but why not reveal them? When we see that we are not alone in our struggles as women we can better encourage each other. Maybe a sister in Christ is struggling with something that I have been through and got victory over. I could hide my imperfections and never offer her what I have learned or I could say, “Yeah, I struggle with that, too.” Which would further the cause of Christ?

So, I encourage all you ladies out there to reach out to those around you.Maybe as you were reading this someone popped into your mind. Who is that person that you can be a blessing to? Write her a note, let her know she is not alone in those day to day struggles. Maybe you can be a blessing to us here. Comment below what the Lord has taught you this week. By sharing our struggles and what the Lord teaches us from them we lift each other up.


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