Valentine’s Day Round Up

Valentine’s Day is upon us. It’s so much fun. I love sending my husband little notes throughout the whole year, but it’s extra fun the week of Valentine’s Day. I love all the heart shaped crafts to do with the kids and the hearts the kids taped all over our walls. And this year, I love the Valentine’s Day printables all over Pinterest! Love it. I printed out a couple and have them hanging on my walls. Anyway, in the fun of Valentine’s Day I thought I’d link up to some of my favorite Valentine’s Day pins that I have done this year).vday

  1. Star Wars Valentine’s. We love Star Wars. And this year William has twenty some classmates to hand out Valentine’s to. Instead of buying that many Valentines we are just going to print some out. I chose these valentines because they are cute and don’t use a ton of ink.
  2.  I ❤ You printable. I have this printed out and hanging in my dining room next to William’s schoolwork posters. I love how it uses the alphabet but_MG_2798 highlights I ❤ U.
  3. I Spy printable game. This is a fun game to do with the kids. It’s all Valentine’s Day themed photos. It comes with a list of things to find and an answer sheet.
  4. Paper Heart Decoration. This is actually the link directly to her youtube video. This is a really cute decoration for any holiday, really, just depends on what color paper you use. She gives a couple ideas of how to use it, too.
  5. Roll and Color Game. Genius. This is a game for preschoolers just learning to count but I think is fun for kids a little older, too. Basically, roll the die and you have to color in as many hearts as the number you rolled. This is a printable to play the game.
  6. Valentine’s to Color. Last but not least is another set of Valentines but they easily double as a coloring page. Very cute. Very simple. I will likely be using these with my preschool Sunday School class on Sunday.

What are some of your favorites this Valentine’s Day? Do you decorate for Valentine’s Day? Share your thoughts! I’d love to hear them!

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