DIY Valentine’s Day Wreath

Valentine’s Day is one of those holidays where I like the idea of but never really make the time for. I mean, Shane and I always do something together but we rarely buy gifts for Valentine’s Day. I always love the heart shaped crafts and decor on Pinterest and pin a ton of it but never think to go buy some pink construction paper to make them.

But this year. This year I really want to make12626117_10153908844638970_1892830307_n Valentine’s Day fun. The kids and I have already done a couple crafts. Last night I spent an hour or two working on some pretty wood-burned magnets. And this morning I woke up and got busy on an EASY diy Valentine’s Day Wreath.


I started with a piece of cardboard and cut aheart out of it. Then I cut the inside out so I had the outline of a heart.12516664_10153908904753970_1711170416_o

I covered it in purple crepe paper. I wrapped it around until it had two layers. Then rolled up some pink crepe paper very tightly and taped it tight. 12637221_10153908904583970_1907990797_oI cut that into thirds to get these cute tiny flowers. I just glued them on the wreath with elmer’s glue.

To finish, I just wrapped a couple pieces of lace around the bottom corner. And done! Doesn’t get much easier than that!

valentines day wreath


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