Printables Collection {To Do Lists}

I really love lists. I make lists of everything. I am pretty sure I have told you all that before. It just feels awesome to be crossing things off my list each day! Maybe you remember my post a couple months ago about Making a Great To Do List. I still follow my guidelines listed there.

I have been making my own To Do Lists over the holidays. For some reason when I make them to match my mood it helps me be more excited to work on my list. I am sure I am no different than the rest of you: we all have a million things that need to get done. We probably can’t make a to do list big enough for everything. But breaking down our lists can really help keep it organized and less intimidating.

I am really loving this new list I made for morning and evening chores. You can download it here >>>MorningEvening.



Here’s a list for if you are like me and have more things on your want to do list than your need to do list. I say for each need to do crossed off I should get to do one of my want to do’s! You can download the Bumblebee list here >>>>BumbleBeeToDoPrintable.

BumbleBeeToDoPrintable-page-001 (1)


Here’s the list I used most often over the holidays. It’s plain but motivating! You can download this printable here >>GettingThingsDone


And just a simple To Do List for when you don’t want to get distracted by your To Do List (it happens). You can download the Bird To Do List here>>>>BirdToDoPrintable



Feel free to use any of these printables. If you like them share them! Let me know which ones you like best or if there is a specific kind you’d like me to try to make!


5 thoughts on “Printables Collection {To Do Lists}

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