Christmas Countdown

christmas countdown

Did you realize that it is only one month until Christmas! One Month! Every year I Pinterest Christmasy things for months in anticipation for Christmas. Then Christmas comes and goes before I get a chance to do all my Christmasy things with the kids. This year I am prepared! I am making a Christmas Countdown to do with the kids. I will start December 1. I am making a construction paper garland (the ones we made in elementary by stapling a bunch of strips together to make a chain). On each strip I will have a different activity to do. Slowly our chain will get shorter and shorter until we are at Christmas Day which will end with reading the Christmas story found in Luke 2. Here is the list I made, I won’t be using all of these as I only need 25 but I will pick from this list:

Read Christmas Story in Luke 2 (This will be broken up throughout the month and then end with reading about Christ’s birth on Christmas Day)

Read Christmas Books

Watch Christmas Movies (This will happen several times as we have a lot of favorite Christmas movies)

Make Popcorn Garland

Make Construction Paper Garland (described above)

Bake Cookies (more than once I am sure!)

Make Felt Snowman to Dress Up (similar to that ever popular felt Christmas tree…I will make each child a blank snowman out of felt. They will each have their own pile of felt hats, mittens, eyes, nose, etc to put on and off their snowmen)

Decorate Christmas Tree

Make Christmas Ornaments

Make Christmas Cards

Make Christmas Candy (my kids are making Christmas candies to give as gifts to their cousins)

Play Snowman Slam (draw snowman faces on white cups, stack them up then let the kids throw a ball at them!)

Drive Around to See Christmas Lights

Sing Christmas Carols 

Take Christmas Photos with Photo Booth Props

Make Christmas Treats to Give Away

Sing Christmas Carols at Nursing Home

Make Paper Snowflakes

Make Snowman Pizza

Indoor Snowball Fight (using cotton balls or balled up paper)

Go Sledding

Make a Christmas Craft (we will do this a couple times and use some as gifts)

Make an Angel for the Tree

Make a Gingerbread House

I am going to plan these on the days I know they will work. I will make all the props and pieces ahead of time so I am not rushing around the day of to get the things ready. I want this to be completely fun and zero stress! I am open to more ideas! What are some of your favorite Christmas Traditions? Want to print out this list? Grab my FREE PRINTABLE Christmas Countdown. (Gingerbread house wasn’t put on my printable so you’ll have to pencil it in there!)

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