Printables Collection {Calendars and Planners}

*Update. Check out my 2017 list here!*

Each morning I pull my three notebooks, Bible, book, and laptop off the desk and bring it to the kitchen. My mobile office, I suppose. Next to them I set my three markers, 1 red pen, and one black pen. Each has a different use, of course. I think my black pen may be close to the end of it’s life but that’s a different matter completely. It will be thoughtfully replaced in time.

If you follow me on pinterest you already know that I have been planning my 2016 Planner since the middle of August. I have been through a lot of blogs looking for a calendar and planner that fit my style. I am really excited about my planner because I am making it completely custom to my needs. I have all sorts of ideas for my planner. I am excited to have my “mobile office” turned into one notebook instead of the three I carry around. For today I am just sharing my favorite free printables for 2016 calendars and planners. In the next weeks I will be sharing my favorite printables for other sections of my notebook.

2016 Calendars and Planners

1.Chalkboard Calendar

This is the one I chose for my main calendar. I will have two calendars. One for my babysitting/appointments and one for meal planning. I chose this one because I thought it’d be neat to color in the names of the months. This blog has three different styles to choose from.

2. Rainbow Planner/Calendar

Have you been to this blog? Just about my favorite blog for printables ever! There’s something for everyone there! I am using this blog for my To Do Lists for now. I will probably use it for more things as I get to printing for 2016.

3. Handwritten Calendar

I really, really love this one. I think the style fits perfectly how I want my planner to feel. The only thing with this one is you have to subscribe to her email list to get the printable (I think that’s an awesome deal!)

4. Pattern and Landscape Calendar

These are great designs. I really love that handwriting font on this one, too. There are a couple different options for design here.

5. Decorative Calendar and Planner

I just love everything about this planner. Clean, attractive designs. There is a lot more than just a calendar here, too. Some of these printables will definitely make it into my planner.

Can’t find anything you like here? Young Housewife also shared a few of her favorites! What are some must haves in your planner?

*Update- more of my posts with printables for your planner! To Do ListsKitchen Printables

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