Dear Sunday School Teacher…

Sunday SchoolTEacherI have been going through the books of the New Testament with my Sunday School class. We have been doing a book a week for quite some time now. Each week we talk about the author, recipient, theme, key verse, and purpose of the book. Tomorrow morning we will be in Philemon. I have been excited about preparing this lesson for a while because of how it can so easily open the door to talk about salvation. Anyway, as I was googling and reading I came across a website that I use as a reference quite often. It is called I don’t agree with everyone on that site but it can be a great help to get me started in preparing my lessons. As I came across their lesson on Philemon I saw the author’s note. It was this:

Due to ministry changes at my church and lack of teachers I have a combined class of newly promoted 4th & 5th graders.  The curriculum I have been given for my class is geared for older children (Level 6 Discipleland).  This is how I adapted the lesson for my students.  I do not have an assistant so each week can feel like a success and some weeks it feels like I spent the majority of the time dealing with disciplinary issues.  This ministry is not mine it is the Lord’s.  Each week I pray for Him to equip me and enable me to teach the lesson to minister to the needs of the students He is going to bring.  He is faithful to answer prayer and even if I feel like nothing went according to what I planned in advance I rest in God’s provision and equipping power to bring forth fruit in the lives of these students. May this give you comfort and encouragement as you prepare each week not sure if you are making a difference in the lives of your students.

I love this! It so perfectly sums up how I feel about my class sometimes! Even down to ministry changes and lack of workers. We need to remember that the ministries the Lord has put us in our not ours, but His. He chose us to fulfill them to His honor and glory. We need to remember that we do it for the Lord. Don’t get discouraged by a bad day. You never know how it affected your students!


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