Favorites Game

This is an extremely simple concept but my kids had a blast the other day with it and I thought it was worth sharing. Having a two year old and a four year old, they have very different interests at times. Then being a boy and a girl they have very different interests at times. It can be hard to play with both of them together without one being a little bored. Then they like to fight over who gets to choose what we play and it ends up being a stressful morning with a lot of tears. Yesterday started out that way then an idea struck me.

When I was a kid and my sisters and I couldn’t decide what to play, we would all write down our ideas and put them in a hat. Then we would pull from the hat and play that thing. Easy. Fair. So yesterday I had the kids each give me a list of the things they wanted to play. Jenn’s list had things like princess, monkeys, towel on the head (I had no idea what that was until we played it haha), flashlights, etc…just simple things she wanted to play. Then Will’s list was things like Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Zelda, etc. I cut the pieces and the kids folded them up and put them in a bowl. They each got a turn to pull from the bowl. We would play that game for 3-4 minutes then move onto the next activity. They taught me how to play all their made up games which was a lot of fun. There was no fighting. It was a nice morning 🙂

favorites game


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