Creating Kilter

Choosing a blog name is not easy! For over a week I was writing ideas down. I was skimming over a ton of other blogs. I was making a list of things I wanted my blog to be about. I ran a few titles by my husband and friends of mine to get their input. Creating Kilter was my first choice but I didn’t like the way it looks. So I kept scratching it and thinking of other names. But I just kept coming back to this name.

According to webster’s dictionary, kilter means good conditions. I really liked that and thought that was a good word to describe what I wanted my blog to be about. I don’t want to limit myself to one subject because I am (as you all know) a very random person. I talk about what I am passionate about at that moment. One day I will be very into new crochet projects and then the next I will be trying out as many new workouts as I can find. But one thing that stays consistent is that I am trying to create good conditions in my home. Like most moms, I want my kids to be happy and healthy. I want my home to be tidy and a haven. I want my heart to be clean and soft toward the Lord’s leading. So, that brought me to Creating Kilter: creating good conditions in heart, home, and health. I hope to bring foward posts worth reading.



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